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Slam Dunk The Junk

4A YSI Project to tackle the problem of obesity
Slam Dunk The Junk

Slam Dunk The Junk

In our modern world, speed and efficiency are desirable. These things can be good for us, saving time, and being easier on us- for example, a dishwasher. Unfortunately though, speed and efficiency can also be disastrous. If you go to a supermarket, chances are you’ll see many products that show how “quick and easy” they are to make, such as instant noodles. What they don’t say, is how unhealthy they are, containing a high amount of sodium, fats, and sugars- but people aren’t paying attention.

A study carried out in September 2018, shows that now, 70% of Irish males and 52% of Irish females are overweight, and 20% of kids are overweight. If this goes on, Ireland is set to be one of the most obese countries in Europe in the near future.

In 4A YSI, we had to choose a problem to try and help solve. We chose the issue of obesity in Ireland; but there is not one simple ‘solution’. We can’t just magically get rid of obesity in our country, so we decided to focus on the future, which means teaching young people how to lead a healthy lifestyle. We will be going to first year classes and presenting PowerPoints, as well as running several social media accounts which we will update with pictures and videos from events that are happening, and organising guest speakers and sports days.

We are all very excited about this, as the issue of obesity is something we all care about and want to change. I hope you will support our campaign by partaking in our events, following our social media on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (@luskccfitness), getting out to exercise, and spreading the word to friends and family.

With everyone’s support, I know we can make our community a healthier and happier place.

-Hannah Farrelly

LCC Student Press Team

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