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TY October adventures

Trips, tours and themed weeks
TY October adventures

Just as frantically as the month of September ended, the antics in this years TY’s seemed to flow right into the month of October, and immediately starting off without a hitch.

Trips and Adventures

  • The Transition Years were all packed and ready for their first overnight bonding trip in Lilliput Adventure Centre, Co. Westmeath on the 3rd to the 4th of October. On the first day there was bog jumping, canoeing, orienteering, capture the flag and the whole team climbed through what looked like a spider’s web. There was also sardines as a whole year group. At night, the music played and after dinner we went for a walk in the dark. Ms.McNerney got us pizza for been so excellently behaved and that was somehow delivered to the middle of nowhere! Pyjamas were put on and music was played before we all tried to go to bed. The next day rock climbing and aeroball were on the cards and then the journey home after a lovely lunch. It was a really good two days but we were very glad to see a shower once we got home. We didn’t complain once and had a great trip.
  • On Wednesday, the 17th of October, the TY’s attended Trinity College in Dublin for their Math’s Week trip, and were all shocked at how big the place really was. After a brief tour of the campus they, along with a few other schools, attended a lecture about Statistics and Probability taught by Katie Steckles.

All classes split up for their own respective trips.

  • Mr. McCue accompanied 4A into Glasnevin Cemetery in aid of their studies of Irish history, where the class were given a talk about how to perform as a tour guide within the cemetery and were each given an assignment to talk about a person buried within.
  • 4B went with Mr. Hearne into Dublin for their Politics and Society trip. They visited the Dáil and were given a talk by Fingal TD, Louise O’Reilly, before discussing a plethora of subjects, such as; lowering the voting age, more representation for Lusk and the best ways to get involved in politics.
  • 4C went to the zoo to take part in a sustainable development work shop and see the animals too. A great day was had with Ms Buggy.

In other News:

  • Parts for the upcoming musical production of Mamma Mia were also given out. A huge congratulations to all students for auditioning and getting their roles, practice has started and we look forward to the Musical.
  • All students have got a flavour of new sports this month, Ultimate Frisbee, Tag Rugby, Olympic handball, Taewondo and self-defence as part of our wellbeing module.
  • All three YSI Projects have got off to a great start this month Slam Dunk the Junk promoted healthy eating, Gach Duine organised Multicultural day and 4B helped run Mental Health Awareness Week. Each group gave presentations to first year classes and had guest speakers in to educate them on their chosen Social Innovation.

Congratulations to our Students of the month: Aisling Flood, Arsen Kraja, Lily Cooke, Leon Garbutt, Shannon Fleming and Brendan Ryan.

Article Written by Shannon Fleming and Tillie Hartford

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