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The Importance Of Activeness

By Ben Farrelly, LCC Student Press Team
The Importance Of Activeness

Last month as most of you will know we had ‘Active Schools Week’ in Lusk Community College. The week encourages students to get active and find something that they enjoy, as well as celebrates how active we are as a school. It’s apparent to me that Lusk Community College place a lot of emphasis on activeness, with many sports teams being set up over the years and hosting small lunch-time leagues during break time for the likes of basketball and soccer. Whether it be sports, dancing or even non-athletic activities such as chess club, our school always strives to get students active.

Being up and about is so important for many reasons. Here are a few I’ve come up with;

Mental Health

There is a podcast I listen to that goes by the name of ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’. Joe Rogan is an esteemed interviewer and speaker, and in one of his podcasts the topic of mental health comes up. He refers to an article written by digital media company ‘Vice’ in which they study a man named Heimo who lives in a very remote area of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. Heimo has no internet connection, no television and very little contact with anyone other than his family. His daily routine is simple. He hunts food, he gathers it and he eats it. Every day. Near enough all day. He goes on to explain how he has always felt satisfied with his life and feels the need to nearly always be active.

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, humans couldn’t pop down to Tesco for a meal deal, or go and get a drive through at McDonalds. We were forced to hunt for our own food, which involved a lot of activity and being out in the fresh air. As a species we haven’t evolved very far from that stage, meaning we have similar tendencies and needs that need to be met to the hunter gatherers from many years ago. The point Heimo makes is that these needs of being active and having a purpose are not being met even close to regularly enough. People are eating unhealthily, not getting enough excercise and spending too much time indoors, which can have a huge effect on your mental state. I’m not saying you have to go and hunt for your own food, or run around a field all day until you can’t breathe, but if you go out and experience nature for what it is there is a very good chance it will be more fulfilling than sitting at home on your phone. This isn’t the solution to fixing all of your problems, but it’s no bad place to start.


I began playing football for my local team ‘Lusk United’ when I was 7 years old and still do to this day. Through doing this I’ve met some of my best friends, who I likely would not have grown close to if it was not for football. This is a big reason to join a sports team. When you are part of a team, you feel a sense of belonging and camaraderie, something that forms bonds between teammates. Seeing people you share an interest with 2 or 3 times a week initiates conversation and enhances your social skills. This is something I’ve witnessed first hand with myself and also teammates of mine. I would highly recommend joining a sports team in your local area.

It’s Fun

I could talk all day about how important being active is for your mental health and your social skills, but when it comes down to it the reason most sports players, dancers and people who are just active in general keep doing what they do is because it’s fun. Maybe one thing isn’t for you, there’s plenty of things out there to enjoy. There’s soccer, Gaelic football and hurling, badminton, athletics, chess and so much else available to you in the school, let alone near where you live. I would highly recommend getting involved in some of the activities on this week. They are great fun and may even give you an interest in something you weren’t too fussed about before. Enjoy!

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