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The Issue(s) with the Fashion Industry

Article by Harry Smith, First Year Lusk CC Student Press Team.
The Issue(s) with the Fashion Industry

The Issue(s) with the Fashion Industry

This article does not apply to all companies

In this modern society, clothing is obligatory (which I hope everyone is aware of ) and for businesses in this modern society, a substantial profit is obligatory. This leads to overpriced stock leaving companies with millions and factory workers penniless. The worst thing about this is that the company owners or higher-ups know that this is going on and completely disregard their workers. Getting a profit is reasonable for a business but have they ever thought "Hey, maybe people need our ridiculously expensive clothing to be functioning members of society" or that maybe "People have to feed their families with the tiny wage I am paying them to work long hours".

Another issue I have with the fashion industry is their method of advertising. Of course advertising is a given for any industry but somehow, the fashion industry managed to add unhealthy body standards to promoting their overly expensive piece of cloth. The whole “if you don’t wear our expensive cloth then you are not worthy” was bad enough but now they say your skin is bad, your shape is bad, your hair is bad- here’s what you should be like. We wonder why so many young people are self deprecating when Jennifer Aniston is on the t.v. saying you need to be beautiful. These companies never address the amount of teenagers who are suffering more than they ever have due to the high standards they are setting.

Name brands are a way of selling the same product, slightly altered for a bigger price. You could go to Penney’s and get a pair of jeans for roughly 15 euro or you could go to Levi’s and get the same thing for much more just for the brand. It’s like sticking money to your clothing just to show that you have money to waste on this pointless article.

Article by Harry Smith, First Year Lusk CC Student Press Team.

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