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Women who Inspire other Women

An article for justice week by press team member Emily Rokicka
Women who Inspire other Women

Women Who Inspire Other Women
By Emilia Rokicka

When women sought to question inequalities in their own lives they turned to history, to see what they could learn from challenges that had been made in the past. They found that women were largely absent from standard history texts which inspired them to write their own histories, speaking out, making a change and fighting for both justice and equality.

Women such as Rosa Parks, who fought for equality and made a change by doing small actions, in this case saying ‘no’ when she was asked to give up her seat on the bus because she was thought less of. Inspiring other young women.

Women such as Helen Keller, an example of a brave girl who was deaf and blind, frustrated because she didn’t know how to speak out, showed the world she could. Learning how to read braille and later learnt four different languages along with how to speak. Soon after that she started giving public speeches and championed the rights of people with disabilities. Inspiring other young women.

Women such as Balkissa Chaibou born in Niger, wanted to become a doctor but was forced to stop her dreams and get married by her family. She decided to fight and said ‘no’ turning her back on her family especially her threatening uncle and challenged him in court and winning. She successfully became a doctor with plenty of hard work and opened campaigns for other young girls to follow her example and stop forced marriages.

All these women are inspirations of what we can do. Almost half of our whole world population are women and many are afraid to speak out and fight for equality and justice. I believe if women who are afraid to speak, get educated and supported by others, could change the world. I believe we could change the world by spreading awareness and talking about our issues we face in public. I believe we could change the world and all we need to start is one voice to break the silence of many others.

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