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Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader

Lusk Community College is proud to offer the Accelerated Reader programme to all of our current 1st Year students.

What is Accelerated Reader (AR)?

Accelerated Reader is a computer program that helps teachers and librarians manage and monitor children's independent reading practice. Your child picks a book at his/ her own level and reads it at his/ her own pace. When finished, he/ she takes a short quiz on the computer. (Passing the quiz is an indication that your child understood what was read.) Accelerated Reader gives children, teachers, and librarians feedback based on the quiz results, which the teacher then uses to help your child set goals and direct ongoing reading practice.

Lusk CC students using Accelerated Reader choose their own books to read from a library that is stocked to their taste, rather than having one assigned to them. This makes reading a much more enjoyable experience as they can choose books that are interesting to them. Our developing library also allows students to partake in the ordering and purchasing of new books.

Your son/ daughter's AR Teacher and the LCC Librarian will help your child choose books at an appropriate readability level that are challenging without being frustrating, ensuring that he/ she can pass the quiz and experience success.

If your child does not do well on the quiz, the teacher or librarian may help your child:

  • Choose another book that is more appropriate.
  • Ask more probing questions as your child reads and before your child takes a quiz.
  • Pair your child with another student, or even have the book read to your child.

In most cases, children really enjoy taking the quizzes. Since they’re reading books at their reading and interest levels, they are likely to be successful. This is satisfying for most children. Best of all, they learn and grow at their own pace.

Lusk CC 1st Years currently have one 40-minute Accelerated Reader class per week, in which they have some quiet reading time and an opportunity to check-in with their AR teacher or to visit the school library. We encourage all AR students to read for at least 20 minutes per day.

For more information please follow the link below:

Parent's Guide to Accelerated Reader

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