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Girls basketball is offered to all year groups and students in Lusk CC. We currently have four teams: first year, second year, U16 and U19. The sports prefects are heavily involved in managing and coaching the junior teams. They demonstrate great leadership skills and encourage the younger students to develop their social skills while keeping fit.

The sports prefects, including Beatrice Asante, Orla Byrne, Laura Ratkelyte, Suzi Signe Tchamegni and Chloe O'Connor, are currently training the first and second year teams in preparation of their first match of the season. Players to watch are Tamzin Bates and Juliette Kodia!

There are currently four boys basketball teams: first year, second year, U16 and U19. Basketball is offered to all year groups and players of all skill level. Sports prefects involved are Josh Corcoran, Raphael Kramer, Rory McGuinness and Gerard Wambenza.

This year the U16 boys were narrowly beaten in the East region finals.
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