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Career Guidance

Career Guidance

Career Guidance and Counselling

The Guidance Counseling Department in Lusk Community College is an integral part of our school's educational provision. Guidance is a whole school responsibility. We endeavor to support our students on their career path as they go through the various stages of their secondary education. Along the way we provide support to students in three main areas where they may experience difficulties or require additional assistance:

  • Personal Guidance
  • Educational Guidance
  • Career Guidance

Personal Counselling is a key part of the Guidance service provided in the school. Personal and group counseling is offered to students in both times of personal crisis and periods of concern or worry. Counseling helps students to develop coping skills and life skills for their ever changing circumstances and resolve issues in their personal and social life. Strong links are maintained with outside agencies and appropriate external referrals are encouraged when necessary. We encourage the mantra that “it is OK to not feel OK and that it is definitely OK to ask for help.”

Educational Guidance and Counselling is a process that begins in first year and continues right through to sixth year where students are supported in developing a love of learning. Students are encouraged to explore different learning opportunities within the school curriculum. Student's educational progress and attainment is supported at all times through a variety of methods including, study tips, aptitude tests, subject choice and continuous communication with both students and parents.

Career Counselling is an essential part of the Guidance service in the school. The aim is to empower students to make informed decisions about their future career choices and develop strong research skills in acquiring information on courses and careers they are interested in. Students are invited to make Career Guidance appointments at any stage throughout their school life.

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