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Where can I get food? What Is on offer? Opening hours?

The canteen is open at small break and at lunchtime. You can get hot food, sandwiches and snacks.

Do I have permission to leave the school grounds at lunchtime?

Only 4th, 5th and 6th years have permission to leave the school grounds at lunchtime. They do not have permission to leave at small break.

Do I move from class to class?

Yes you move from class to class. Teachers will be based in the classrooms and you go to their room on your timetable.

P.E Uniform and changing

The correct P.E. uniform must be worn for P.E. You will be allowed time to change in the bathrooms. You teacher will assign you a bathroom to change in.

How can I find my classrooms?

Your classrooms will be on your timetable. If you are not sure where to go, ask another student or a member of staff. They will tell you where to go.

Uniform and Jacket

All students must wear the correct uniform and school jacket. Read the uniform policy in your journal for more information. If you forget your tie, you can go down to the office and borrow one for the day.


Dave our caretaker is in charge of the lockers. He assigns lockers to you. If you forgot your locker key at home, you can go to the office and ring home. If your key cannot be dropped in, you can ask Dave to open it for you. If you lose your key, Dave will get a new key cut for you at a cost of €5.

Extra- Curricular Activities

Check website or noticeboard for list of activities, check Schoology for updates. You can ask your teachers for information and they will tell you what teacher organises that activity.

If I forgot something at home?

You can ring home from the main office and check if you can get it dropped in. If you can’t, just let your teacher know at the start of the class. If you forget your journal, you need to go speak to your year leader.

I lost my journal

You must notify your year leader as soon as you can’t find it. You will then be able to purchase a new one from the school at a cost of €10.

Making friends

Joining extra- curricular activities is a great way of making friends. You also could join big brother big sister club.

I am worried over something

You can speak to your friends. If you think you need to speak to an adult,, you can follow the ladder of referral

  1. Tutor/ Teachers
  2. Year Leader
  3. Guidance Counsellor
  4. Vice Principal
  5. Principal

I can’t remember my homework

If you are in school and you are unsure about your homework, you can find your teacher and ask them before you go home.

If you are at home, you can comment on your schoology and maybe your teacher or classmates might reply.

What do I do If I need to go home early?

You must have a note in your journal. Show it to your tutor who will sign it. When you need to leave go down to the main office with your signed note. Your parent/ guardian who is collecting you must sign you out at the office.

What do I do if I am late to school?

Report to the main office with a note in journal explaining why you were late. You will then be given a late stamp which you will show your teacher when you go to class.

Thank you to the Student Council for researching and compiling these frequently asked questions.

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