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Lusk Community College is a digital school with all our students and teachers using Ipad’s. Parents/Guardians are responsible for purchasing the iPad for their child from our educational partner Wriggle. The iPad is used to greatly enhance teaching and learning with methodologies such as the flipped classroom frequently used.

Student Contract for iPad Use

  1. I will take good care of my iPad.
  2. I will never leave the iPad unattended.
  3. I will never lend my iPad to others.
  4. I will know where my iPad is at all times.
  5. I will charge my iPad’s battery every night
  6. I will not disassemble any part of my iPad or attempt any repairs.
  7. I will protect my iPad by only carrying it whilst it is in a case.
  8. I will use my iPad and Schoology in ways that are appropriate.
  9. I understand that my iPad is subject to inspection at any time without notice, without any objection.
  10. I will only photograph people with their permission.
  11. I will only use the camera or the microphone when my teacher tells me to.
  12. I will never share any images or movies of people in a public space on the Internet, unless I am asked to do so by my Teacher.
  13. I will not remove the managed service from my iPad or change the name associated with my iPad.
  14. I will not install or connect my iPad to a VPN or any other associated network
  15. I will not hide apps or install software which allows me to hide apps.
  16. I will not use a false identity or a false account to bully or intimidate another.
  17. I agree to abide by the statements of this iPad Acceptable Use Policy.

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30 2019
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15 2019
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28 2019
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11 2019
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