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Physical Education

Physical Education

Junior Cycle Physical Education

Since September 2017 Lusk Community College offers physical education as a short course as part of the new Junior Cycle. This short course contributes to the Junior Cycle Wellbeing programme by providing learning experiences which support students in being better able and more motivated to include regular physical activity in their lives, thereby contributing to their overall experience of wellbeing.

The short course in physical education aims to develop students as knowledgeable, skilful and creative participants who are confident and competent to perform in a range of activities safely. The course aims to build students’ appreciation of the importance of health-enhancing and inclusive physical activity and a commitment to it now, and in the future.

Students in Lusk Community College participate in an 80 minute Physical Education lesson once a week. Students take part in a range of team and individual activities including games, individual and team challenges, dance and gymnastics.

As part of the Physical Education Junior Cycle Short Course, students in Lusk Community College are given the opportunity to take part in classroom-based assessments (one in second year and one in third year). Student progress and achievement in the Physical Education short course, both in ongoing assessments and in the specific Classroom-Based Assessment, will be communicated to parents in term reports and in the Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement (JCPA).

Senior Cycle Physical Education

Physical education is a compulsory non-examinable subject in Lusk Community College. Students participate in an 80 minute physical education lesson once a week during which they are given the opportunity to increase their enjoyment, confidence and competence in a range of physical activities. They learn about health-related fitness and to take responsibility for being physically active now and in the future. Overall, they can develop positive attitudes to physical activity and its importance in a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

Learners experience success in different ways in Senior Cycle physical education. For some, the pursuit of excellence and the achievement of sporting goals will be the focus. For some, organising, leading and facilitating others to be physically active will be the measure of success. For others, including regular physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle will represent a successful outcome.

Learners are encouraged to take different roles and responsibilities, including leadership, coaching and officiating roles. They learn to organise, participate in and reflect on their experiences in physical activity. Students can learn about fair play, team work and how to relate to one another respectfully. As a result, they learn to be effective in the different competitive, creative and challenging situations that participation in physical activity continually offers them.

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