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Our Mission

In Lusk Community College we endeavour to ensure that our school motto “We are all equal” is experienced by all students, with our key values of respect, responsibility and kindness, at the heart of our school.

We see our school as an inclusive community that is welcoming of all. We foster an atmosphere of learning that is holistic in approach and nurtures each individual student’s personal growth and development.

Our Special Educational Needs (SEN) Programme is a reflection of our commitment to the ideal of an inclusive learning community. We develop programmes on the basis of students’ needs.

Lusk Community College SEN Department aims to:

  1. Ensures students with individual needs are educated in an inclusive environment.
  2. Ensures students with special educational needs are identified and provided for in order to meet their learning potential.
  3. Affirm that students with special educational needs have the same right to avail of and benefit from education as students who do not have those needs.
  4. Provide the involvement of parents in the education of their children and in the decision making progress.
  5. Ensure that all members are aware of the individual needs of students and of the contribution that they can make in this area.
  6. Provide programmes that meet individual needs of a student. At Junior Cycle such programmes might include Level Two Learning Programmes, Skills for Life QQI Level 2, Short Courses, Social Skills, Literacy and Numeracy Support. At Senior Cycle programmes might include LCA and LCVP.
  7. Ensure that where appropriate students can achieve the learning outcomes/intentions of their individual programmes in mainstream class.
  8. Ensure the students with individual needs are offered a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum and they are provided in an inclusive way.
  9. Develop staff expertise in supporting students with special educational needs.
  10. Acknowledge the primary responsibility of the subject teacher and work to support them in meeting the needs of the student.


'Iontas' ASD Unit


Lusk Community College has a double ASD unit, which is called Iontas. In our Iontas classes we have implemented the ETB level 2 programme “Skills For Life” We hope to convert to the new Junior Cycle Priority 2 learning Units programme for any new pupil entering the unit after 2018. This programmes strives to encourage an inclusive lifestyle in both school and the local community for each of our students by developing skills to prepare them for general life challenges.

It is our aim to educate all pupils and staff of Lusk Community College about ASD and encourage inclusion in all aspects of school life. We have organized guest speakers numerous times from “As I Am” who are an organization that plays an important role in educating the public about Autism.

sen.jpgAdam Harris from 'As I Am'

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