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Schoology Overview

Lusk Community College is proud to use Schoology as its virtual learning environment (VLE). Schoology is used by all teachers to share resources with students and communicate. We currently use the Enterprise version of Schoology with the fee included in the student registration fee.

  1. Online Homework Submissions - in-line grading system allows the teacher to comment, annotate, and grade an assignment without having to download and then upload the grade version.
  2. Assignments and Events - allows the teacher to create a variety of different assignments that include content from a hard-drive or the web.
  3. Tests and Quizzes - allows instructors to create a variety of different types of questions for quizzes and test. These test and quizzes can include a wide variety of media as well, making it easy to personalize and differentiate tests with ease.
  4. Discussions - allows the teachers to set up threaded discussion which allow for easy response and organizations. Posts can include a variety of files as well.
  5. Premium Instruction

  • Empower your faculty to collaborate on curriculum development
  • Record audio and video right into assignments, assessments, comments, and more
  • Collect, share, and showcase student work with ePortfolios
  • Track student performance via mastery reports measuring progress on institutional, state, or national learning objectives
  • Download and view classroom materials offline on mobile devices
  • Evaluate student understanding with technology enhanced test items

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