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Student Leadership

Student Leadership in Lusk CC

In Lusk Community College, we believe that to continue to grow as a successful school with a great spirit and links to the community it is important to have strong student leaders. Students must have a sense of ownership and a voice in a school. It is with this in mind that we have put the following Leadership structure in place. It is early days and we are constantly developing, learning and changing, but with the dedicated students already involved we are making great progress.

Head Boy/Head Girl

We have a Head Boy and Head Girl who are nominated and chosen in May of each school year. They represent their school and are students who have made outstanding contributions throughout their time in school to the school community and fellow students.

Our current Head Boy is Mohamed Ali.

Our current Head Girl is Chloe O’Conner Collins.


In Lusk Community College we have a House system in place with 5 Houses named after iconic leaders in areas of science, politics and the arts which we feel represent the broad range of interests in the school. The Houses are called, Mandela, Bronte, Picasso, Einstein and Curie.

The purpose of a House system is to help create a sense of community in a large school. We have Inter House Competitions throughout the year and each House has two/three House Captains from the senior students in the school who are the voice of each House and help to foster the community spirit and encourage participation in competitions.

The current House Captains are:


Sean Naughton

Emma Brennan


Emma Barry

Jakub Wojtowicz

Suzi Signe Tchamegni


Ben Murphy

Rafael Kramer


Megan Lenehan

Tanya O’Conner Collins


Jack Redmond

Lauren Mason


Our Mentors are TY students who are Mentors to First Year Students throughout the year and who help them with the transition from primary school and to find their feet in the first few weeks. They also work with the Tutors of 1st Year classes to help organize trips and any other activities.

Our current Mentors are:

1A: Shannon McKenna, Sean O’Rourke

1B: Amy Clarke, Sean Hanratty

1C: Alexia P, Matthew Hennigan

1D: Gerard Wembenza, Nicole Hartford

Sports Prefects

Sports Prefects in Lusk Community College are Senior students who are involved with the sports teams and extra curricular events in the school. Their roles include, training, helping out PE teachers and coaches and accompanying teams to matches. They also organize activities in the school and Inter House Sports leagues.

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