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Our school uniform identifies each student as a pupil of Lusk Community College. It is a fundamental aspect of the school identity. It reinforces a sense of pride among students in their school and supports security. Our PE uniform is an important component of the overall uniform. There was a growing concern last year among the staff that with students wearing non uniform PE attire it was becoming increasingly difficult to spot potential strangers in the school.

With this in mind we reviewed our PE uniform this year with the hope that we might be able to introduce a PE kit that not only helps us identify our students but one that the students will be proud to wear and cheer at various sports competitions. This has become even more important as our list of extracurricular activities grows and our successes mount up. We surveyed parents as part of this review and most agreed to keep the current uniform, light blue polo shirt and navy tracksuit pants (no logos). It was agreed that we would make the long sleeved crested top compulsory for students who wish to wear warmer tops during PE. Up to this students were wearing a variety of branded/fashion tops in various colours which was presenting a series of issues for the school during PE class and extracurricular activities.

This year we introduced a house system into our school. Each student in the school belongs to not only a class but also a house, named after inspirational figures, Mandela, Einstein, Bronte, Curie and Picasso. This house system helps to build school identity and extend the support for students across years, an extended family in the school. Our various House Captains worked very hard this year supporting students and enhancing the house structure. They suggested that each house be given a different colour tie for identification and solidarity purposes. Having consulted with the Students Council, the Parents Association and the Board of Management the school are happy to support the students in this initiative. House and tie colours are as follows; Mandela: Green, Einstein: Purple, Bronte: Red, Curie: Grey and Picasso: Teal. Ties are available from Grants.

At this point I would like to commend your sons and daughters on the way that they support our Uniform Policy in the school. By and large the majority of students in our school support us by being compliant with this policy. I would like to thank them and you for this support. I appreciate that uniforms can be an extra expense for parents but considering the wear they get out of them and the cost of high street jackets and clothing they do present value for money. The school with endeavour to help parents/guardians who are struggling to make payments in whatever way we can.

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